These tiles were made from 1879 until 1929 for the Jones, McDuffee & Stratton company doing business at 33 Franklin St., Boston, MA, and also, briefly, in Chicago. They were made by Wedgwood, perhaps as advertising for their American view tiles or (more likely) the extensive line of historic plates. In the earlier years the color scheme was varied, peaking in the polychrome (multicolor) version of the 1896 tile. Unfortunately, as of 1902 they were only produced in brown. The only production data known is that in 1910, 12,000 tiles were ordered. Some Jones, McDuffee & Stratton trade cards and ephemera also have similar calendars. These Wedgwood tiles also exist for other retailers. There are also calendar tiles of the same era made by Minton, American Encaustic Tiling Co. and new ones made by Quimper. The earliest known example of a transfer calendar on tile is 1824! Some interesting porcelain paperweights also feature 1892 & 1893 calendars.

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